How We Help

Who is Global Claimant Services?

Global Claimant Services is a team of international asset recovery professionals. We are contacting you today because there is a financial account to which we believe you may be entitled.

Many banks, insurance agencies, mutual funds, and brokerage firms seek out our assistance. These companies rely on our expertise to find the account owners or heirs, and then to help them prove their entitlement through the proper documentation. After explaining the circumstances, we offer our services to help recover the account quickly and efficiently.

At Global Claimant Services, we are not paid until your claim is successfully completed– you will never be asked to pay any up-front fees or out of pocket costs.

What Happens Now?

Understand how you are entitled – by providing detailed information about the account as well as research we’ve collected which indicates your ownership or entitlement.

Document your entitlement – by obtaining necessary documentation such as personal identification (Passports, Driver’s Licenses), court proceedings and vital records.

Facilitate your claim – by submitting the required documentation to the appropriate institution or government for processing and continuing to maintain contact with you until your recovery is complete.